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Pop News: Brit, RiRi, Xtina, and Gaga

As all of you know, there’ve been four teasers released to promote the “Hold It Against Me” music video, which is set to be released on Thursday, Feb. 17.  As promised by Britney, you can look forward to 10 more teasers in the next 10 days!

Although I love all of the teasers so far, my favorites are definitely the third and fourth ones! The third shows Britney rising into a small room covered with TV screens, all of which are playing past music videos, dance rehearsals and other clips.  In the fourth teaser Britney’s dancing in a sexy outfit, and she’s surrounded by male dancers.  Hot!

In addition to our number one femme fatale, there’s Rihanna whose risqué song, “S&M,” has been causing quite a bit of controversy lately.  Thankfully, the drama doesn’t ever seem to end!

“S&M” made its debut in the U.K. this week on the Top 40 Singles chart … under the name “Come On,” as the original title was considered inappropriate.  After discovering this news, Rihanna took to Twitter to express her anger regarding the renaming of her track.

The Top 40 Singles chart now shows the song as “S&M (Come On).”

One of the highlights of last night was Christina Aguilera’s crazy performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl XLV.  Christina missed a couple of lines, but tried to recover by mixing two into one.

MTV News described Christina as “devastated” after going backstage.  She claimed that she was so caught in the moment that she’d forgotten her place in the song.  She issued an apology later, in which she said, “I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country, and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.”

Christina has successfully performed the national anthem at several NBA games, so of course she knows the song.  

“It’s such a huge venue,” Fergie said of the incident, “your nerves take a hold of you.”  She further commented, “we’re human,” and admitted to flaws within her own performance (with the Black Eyed Peas) during halftime.

I personally think Christina handled the situation very well, and it’s great that Fergie went out of her way to defend Christina’s performance.

Our newest pop princess, Lady Gaga, announced today the early release of her upcoming single, “Born This Way.”  So Gaga fans, get ready to go gaga this week, because the track is going to be released on Friday, Feb. 11!

Perez Hilton, who has gotten an exclusive preview of Gaga’s new song, as well as her entire album, gave it amazing reviews.  “It is a smash,” said Perez, “it is one of the best songs of Gaga’s career.”

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